It's On: College Spring 2021!

College Classes Start January 25 at Butler!

Ready to Grow? Save money and keep control of your educational journey at college this spring!

Current Butler student?


Choose Butler for college this spring - the benefits are huge! Butler students save on average $4,000 per semester over four-year university students.

That's even more money you get to keep for your college spring break or other expenses!


Choose face-to-face or online college classes. The spring semester begins January 25.


Butler offers thousands of scholarship dollars each semester. Are your finances weighing heavy on your mind? Talk with our financial aid counselors. As always, they do everything they can to make college classes affordable for you.


With Butler Community College, you can take full advantage of a combination of affordable tuition, in-person or remote classes, and a caring learning environment to ensure you reach your goals this spring! And, you still get spring break!

Our goal is to support your educational success while also being proactive about your safety. Join Butler and reap the advantage that fits your pocketbook and your calendar.

Fill out the form or apply today to get started!


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Current Butler student?

  • Butler Community College Spring 2021 classes start January 25

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